What Do You Believe You Deserve?



For the past month I’ve been working intensely on my money mindset. In that time I’ve noticed just how much I’ve grown and what my mindset once thought as ‘that will never happen for me’ has now become ‘that WILL happen for me’.

Every day I’m in awe but not surprised by the signs from the universe that I am a powerful manifester, a money magnet and have a more successful mindset than I had before.

Just today I was in the bank paying some money INTO my account (before it was always coming out of it), and a guy next to me was talking about him having a new car in September. The conversation went like this;

Guy; I haven’t got a car at the moment, I sold my car so I’m borrowing a little run around car, its a Renault megane

Woman; are you getting a car if your own?

Guy; yeah I am, I’m buying my new car in September

Woman; oh that’s great, so what car are you getting?

Guy; its going to be a porsche

Bam! Thank you universe! I knew the message it was sending me.
One of my stories that I’ve been telling myself is that big money and things that cost ‘big money’ cant happen to me because I’m just from a small town.

Yet in my town, there’s a guy who’s going to be buying him a porsche in September. If it can happen to him…it can happen to me.
Thank you Universe!

In just one short month, I have completely flipped my poor mindset to one of wealth and I’m literally having so much fun with the process.

Remember, if it can happen for them, it can happen for you. You just have to have the mindset to believe it.


Until next time,

Stay consciously Aligned with your Ultimate Dream,

Dawn xx


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