Reframe Your Mindset


It’s all about MINDSET.

No matter what you’re doing, it’s all in your mind.

You can choose to whine and moan about your aching muscles from working out, about the stuff you need to do, the meeting at work, the training course you have to go on, the lack of clients you have, the lack of money you have, the fact that you’re not yet a 5 figure coach OR you can reframe it.

So yes, I’m aching awesomely bad today (and have been for a few days) from getting my Chalene on (a workout I have recently committed to), from upping my game AGAIN after completing a 6 week fitness program.

BUT that’s a success to me.

It means after 6 weeks I’ve triggered lazy muscles into action, muscles that weren’t activated during my previous fitness program.

It means my body’s getting stronger still, it means my body is becoming everything it was created to be and more. Strong, Sexy, Sculpted.

The same goes for my mind when I ‘work it’, when I change the physiology of my mind, when I stretch the neuroplasty, when the neural pathways begin creating new ones from the workout’s I give my mind. You can create a Strong, Successful, and Sculpted Mind.

What can you reframe?


Until next time,

Stay Consciously Aligned to your Ultimate Dream,

Dawn xx


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