Do What Makes You Happy


It’s Saturday! It’s Easter Weekend, and whilst I am all about the hustle (i’ve been hustling throughout the night and this morning – have you seen my NEW aligned banner for this page? Pretty awesome right?!), take time to do what makes you happy this weekend.

For me I love to meditate, I just love getting my Zen on with Kundalini Yoga Meditations – they are one of my many saving graces!

I love reading for enjoyment and to satisfy my Personal Development hunger.

I love doing a good workout to release those brain chemicals that make me feel soooo good.

I love spending time with people I love.

But what I really love that makes me happy (besides helping you to take your life + biz to the next level) … is

Taking a really long 1 hour minimum hot soak in the bath tub!!

So, pick something that makes you happy and make it priority this weekend!


Until next time,

Stay Consciously Aligned to your Ultimate Dream,

Dawn xx


PS) Head over to my facebook page for daily content ~ @ConsciouslyAlignedMindset


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