Meet Dawn

Hi I’m Dawn,

I’m a Mindset + Motivation coach for ambitious millennial female 12048812_10204173411729335_2026051697_nentrepreneurs + coaches who are ready to take life and business to the next level! 

I help ambitious millennial women to become consciously aligned with their Ultimate Life + Business Dream by conquering their mindset, mastering manifestation + living a rich life!

Reaching the next level in life + business doesn’t need to be hard.

Do you;

  • want to feel happier in your life + business?
  • wish you knew what you need to do to reach that next goal towards your ultimate dream?
  • want to feel more confident as a coach?
  • wish good things ‘just happened’ to you effortlessly?
  • want to live a life of ease?
  • wish you could bust through the blocks that’s limiting your potential as a coach?
  • want to unleash your capacity within?
  • wish you were closer to living the laptop lifestyle, being able to work from wherever?
  • want to stop holding back on your potential, and just go for your Ultimate Dream?


Just 18 months ago, for me that struggle was real. I was existing day-to-day when I was desperate to be living my ultimate dream.

My life felt out of control. On the surface I had it all; I had the perfect boyfriend (who is still everything I always hoped for + more), I was studying for a highly respected career in finance, I was wearing beautiful clothes, living in a nice home, supported + loved by everyone around me and had a steady + regular income.

But underneath it all – I was living in FEAR!

I didn’t feel worthy of my perfect boyfriend, I didn’t feel clever enough for my job, I was scared I’d get found out – that someone would realise that I wasn’t intelligent enough, that someone had made an awful mistake, I felt that my clothes were too good for me to be wearing, and I felt that I was trying to be something I wasn’t. I felt worthless and fearful that it would all be taken away from me.

Now, 18 months on, I am still in a loving relationship with my perfect boyfriend making plans for our future together, I’m happier at ‘work’ because I’m allowing myself to do what I enjoy + love, I wear clothes that I feel worthy + amazing in, I live in an even more beautiful home, and I’m on my way to start earning 5 figures as a coach! And I know that in a year’s time I could be closer to 6 figures!

So what changed?


A little over a year ago, I began working with a mindset coach + therapist and within just a few weeks I had all the tools I needed to transform my mindset from fear based struggle to success based alignment. 

By May/June 2016 I was making massive leaps forward in my life. I was happier on a day-to-day basis, good things just began happening to me, I was in the right place at the right time, I was open + receptive to new ideas in business, I felt blessed. I began helping clients uncover the keys in the life + business that they were missing. My life was good.

At first it felt good, but then I hit burn out, as all entrepreneurs + coaches know, it can be hard to switch off at first. You never feel like you’re doing enough, it quickly goes from utter bliss, to utter mess!!

So I took time out, I conquered my mindset even further, mastered manifestation, along with meditation + suddenly I really was aligned consciously to my Ultimate Dream. My mindset around money + success broke through the limiting blocks that was holding me back, + I took my life and business to the next level. 

Plans for travelling to Europe + weekend breaks with my partner, home renovation plans, attending events + seminars, working with the World Class TOP Leaders in this industry – are all lined up for 2017 and beyond!

So Are You Ready to Take Your Life + Business to the Next Level? 

Are You Willing to Let Go of All Your Limitations and Blocks Like I Have?


  • you want to stop hiding behind your limitations
  • you want to live a life with ease
  • you want to increase your confidence as a coach
  • you want to experience good things ‘just happen’ to you
  • you want to bust through the blocks
  • you want to unleash your capacity within
  • you want to be closer to living your laptop lifestyle, being able to work from wherever
  • you are willing to stop hiding from your Ultimate Dream becoming a reality

Then you NEED to work with me in my “soon to be launched” brand new Coaching Program…

Mindset Makeover for Millennials

If you are interested in having more information about this group coaching program which will have LIMITED space without any obligation to sign up or pay, then fill in the contact form below and leave your details and let me know you want a 

Mindset Makeover for Millennials

and I will ensure all the details are sent straight over to you when they are ready – which will be soon. Places will be limited.


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