Never Miss a Monday

They have this saying in the fitness world (if you workout you'll know it quite well) "Never Miss A Monday" I think this should extend to ALL areas of life not just fitness! So, if you're getting your workout in today - **High Fives** But if you're a coach wanting to take your life AND... Continue Reading →


Do What Makes You Happy

It's Saturday! It's Easter Weekend, and whilst I am all about the hustle (i've been hustling throughout the night and this morning - have you seen my NEW aligned banner for this page? Pretty awesome right?!), take time to do what makes you happy this weekend. For me I love to meditate, I just love... Continue Reading →

Reframe Your Mindset

It's all about MINDSET. No matter what you're doing, it's all in your mind. You can choose to whine and moan about your aching muscles from working out, about the stuff you need to do, the meeting at work, the training course you have to go on, the lack of clients you have, the lack... Continue Reading →

Do You Believe in Your Dream?

It really only comes down to belief. In order for you to take action towards your dreams, you HAVE to believe in yourself. You have to believe that your dream is possible. I don't actually like the word "dream" although I use it because that's what people identify with right? I much prefer the words... Continue Reading →

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